This picture was taken today. I mean today, 22th of December. There is no warm front, weather is not warm at all. However, this mushroom species, the “golden needle” prefers winter. Picture shows part of the cap of the mushroom. I enlarged a part less than an inch, but the glance is enjoyable with naked eye too.

This is something I like in Winter so much. The kind of a challenge, what the discovery of a saturated color means. If we look around, we only see grey, black and white. Ice and snow. And yet: sometimes bright yellow!

Patience, persistence, faith and a good dose of self-confidence. “Armed” with such characteristics I had to walk few hundred meters only.


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Strikingly, within each and every human being, deep inside is a natural-born presenter. You only have to summon it. How can you make an amazing presentation and overcome your stage fright at the same time?

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