“Versatility instills confidence.”

Emotional intelligence development


Discovery, recognition, change, reboot…

A self-confident way to ride the waves deriving from the cyclical nature of life is to experience the feeling of defeat, then, upon standing up, reboot. I have experienced the most glamorous and also the darkest side of fame. I have learned how to lose, reinvent myself and tasted victory.

In recounting various, exciting experiences, my stories may offer you insight and inspiration. All beneficial when poised between adversary and dread, particularly regarding the following:

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Sales and Presentation Techniques


I am going to unleash and evoke the charismatic presenter from within you and demonstrate how to genuinely channel your skills and pool your talents in making a memorable presentation.

I am going to reveal all the necessary tools which ensure you suitably prepared for conveying your thoughts regardless of the event, topic or format. Mesmerize your audience and assure them, a long-lasting experience!

I am going to teach you methods beginning with speech editing, storytelling, choosing the right slides, knowing when to use the appropriate non-verbal elements, all beneficial tools in which ideally serve you in becoming an authentic and convincing presenter.

I am going to offer you various techniques with which you can control the attention of the audience, and, inevitably, influencing your audience!

I am going to step onto the road with you, charting your destiny and navigating you towards becoming relaxed and self-confident, even for those among us are oftentimes nervous up on the stage, under the lights and facing the crowd...

... In the end, you no longer question or fret in how best to successfully market thyself!

13 October 2019 EQ SEXY

I am honored to present along with amazing, inspiring people. Event was dreamed and organized by Erika Kósa…

10-10 September 2019

This is a really unique university course!Lectures based on real experience in the fields of rhetoric, stage performance,…