Girl kissing her twin sister in a lavender field.

More than 10 years before we were on holiday with my girlfriend at

Tihany Peninsula at Balaton Lake, Hungary. We both were amazed by the

beautiful lavender fields around and dozens of bushes in front of many

households in the village. I promised her that I will create a

little lavender field, if we have a house.

Later we got married.

We bought a house.

She gave birth for twin girls.

We renovated the house.

We moved in.

As I promised, I planted lavenders. My wife said, it is OK to do it later, but she knew my kind. I could not stop until 90 little bushes. There was no room for 100… I would not miss any moment with my kids, so most of the time I had been hoeing in the night at lamp light, when they were sleeping.

Now we have grown lavenders with our girls having fun there. Cannot wait to witness the blossom again!

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