Flu caught us. All of our children in a row. So we could be together all week. There was a very good spirit, despite the given, quite inconvenient situation. We had been playing card a lot with “UNO”.

They beat me usually. Really badly, many times. No, I did not let myself, they were simply better. I admired their honest, liberated joy at each victory. Then I broke the ice. I won, but must collect a reprehension immediately because of my presentation technique. Me, when I teach this topic!

I did not look happy enough for my victory. I did not expect that they want to be happy for me too. While I just held myself back not to shatter their enthusiasm.

“Dad REJOICE, please!” – slightly indignant order.

Yes, we should serve our audience with our happiness after a successful production. Think about a theatre play. The bow, expressed gratitude towards the audience is part of the presentation. Very important part of it. Not just in theaters.


Sales and Presentation Techniques


Strikingly, within each and every human being, deep inside is a natural-born presenter. You only have to summon it. How can you make an amazing presentation and overcome your stage fright at the same time?

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