I was in Washington D.C. last week at the Annual Meeting of National Geographic photographers. Both the White House and Washington Monument are close enough to visit and take some pictures time by time. I did the same again, however, weather was not so promising as it looks on the image.

Mostly cloudy weather was predicted for the daytime, when we are full with official program and meetings anyway. So I had the morning only, when there is a little chance to catch the sunlight, when it shines on the giant column. I woke up early and enjoyed, how morning lights dressed the top of the buildings into glowing gold. Even though, when I arrived, it all gone! The city shrouded in clouds, I did not have the chance to see the sun…

I woke up ever earlier next day and waited the sunrise under the monument. Weather was not even as promising as yesterday, but I was waiting. Finally, sunlight pierced the clouds, sky was blue at the background and there was no bothering contrail at all. I started to take pictures in the wind. Sun hided after a minute. Only a minute, but I was there ready and prepared.


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