Everyone has a story. As children we all listened tales, what we experienced as reality. As adults, we go to cinemas, theaters to enjoy “grown-up tales”. We all need fables. Tale is vital.

Sometimes it is worth looking back to a past period. What was good, what could we done better, what can we really proud of?

Well, in terms of individual performace, I believe in Santa Claus as well restored. I am proud to be the mystic old man again in December, helping for over 100 children to live the fable. Yes, I had been wearing the red dress to help little people experience the legend as fact. Completely voluntary basis, without any compensation. And it is good in this way.

I am looking forward to have my students beside/instead of me to participate in this alternative way of storytelling.

It is worth to try. IT IS GOOD TO GIVE!

Sales and Presentation Techniques


Strikingly, within each and every human being, deep inside is a natural-born presenter. You only have to summon it. How can you make an amazing presentation and overcome your stage fright at the same time?

Find out!
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