This might be the last morning to photograph red poppies with sunset. Poppy season is over on its zenith, and a cold front is proposed for several days. I am really tired. Wife will work from this morning until tomorrow. I have the kids all day and night. I should better sleep…

– 4:30AM – phone is ringing.

– Go back to sleep! – little devil says

– No! It seems to be the last chance

– 04:58 AM – sun is rising

– I am at the poppies, have the shot

– Got back home with some pics and still had a little nap with the smallest one.

– Wife could leave in time, with no worries.

Pic was taken less than a mile from our house. No need to travel far

away for fantastic experience. Waking up early is more difficult


Travel less, discover your backyard, reduce your ecological footprint!

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