I promised to show how it was continued.

We took home the ice boards collected from the lake (post day before yesterday: “More than money”). I made them smaller with a little hammer. Than I made a little hollow to the center of each with a drill. A drill what we use to use to create the entrance of birdhouses we do for threatened birds. The standard tealight (little flat candle) exactly fits in. 3-3 little hollows at the edges of each board and strings can be laced up. Ice lantern is ready! I made an additional one from a larger piece of ice with a deep hollow (right). This was the guarding light in the garden. It is truly amazing to see how candle light runs through the ice. Even for adults…

A little creativity + work together = experience forever


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Strikingly, within each and every human being, deep inside is a natural-born presenter. You only have to summon it. How can you make an amazing presentation and overcome your stage fright at the same time?

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