Hippos fighting in a pond.

Why do I recommend to shoot and practice as much as possible at your own backyard?

First of all, because lovely pictures can be taken anywhere you live, if you open your eyes and use your creativity.

On the other hand, you can keep your skills at top level, whenever you have a rare opportunity to catch.

I had only 5 days in Masai Mara National Reserve, and tried to photograph as many species as possible. So I did not spend too much time with any species. We had something about an hour at this pond, full with hippos. I did not have any previous experience with these giants, so I just looked the flat water surface.

After many-many minutes two males had a territorial fight. Took only couple seconds over the surface. So I had just this time to focus, compose and shoot. You see and uncropped frame. I did not have another opportunity just one. Practice matters…

And of course, it all was not possible without the great guide @silas_siele , who has a fantastic local knowledge to show you Africa’s best!

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Many thanks!


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