Eurasian kingfisher emerges from water with his prey.

This is and unpublished picture of my kingfisher coverage. Even years later I am still amazed by the size of the prey. How could he fly away with it?

How the chick could swallow it? Usually kingfishers catch smaller fish, especially in breeding season, when they feed their young.

One of the fun things in high speed photography, that you cannot realize what you captured with naked eye. The movement is so swift that photographers cannot have an idea what they recorded. No sense about the posture, the drops, anything.

However, when the image pops up on the LCD panel, is like a discovery. Every single frame…


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Strikingly, within each and every human being, deep inside is a natural-born presenter. You only have to summon it. How can you make an amazing presentation and overcome your stage fright at the same time?

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