Presentation at Lugano Photo Days

Lecture in Switzerland

I was honored to be a Jury member at prestigious Lugano Photo Awards. Along with such great editors and photographers as:

Luigi Maria di Corato, direttore Cultura Città di Lugano (Switzerland)

Ruth Eichhorn, photo editor and curator (Germany)

Tom Gilks, picture editor BBC Wildlife (United Kingdom)

Lello Piazza, former photo editor Airone (Italy)

Sergio Pitamitz, National Geographic contributing photographer (Italy/France)

Tino Soriano, National Geographic photographer (Spain)

I will hold a lecture during the Awards Days entitled: NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC FROM MY BACKYARD

I will talk about the cost of wildlife photography from the point of view of ecological footprint. I will give some tips, ideas, recipes, how is it possible to reduce it dramatically and remain successful.

Lecture will be held in EX MACELLO