presentation based on the experiences about the university course

CSAKOSZ Congress 2019.

MISBELIEFS AND DOUBTS - experience after the first seven years of a communication course.

The development of public speaking and other presentation skills is a "shortage" in the domestic education palette. A university course was created in 2012 to counteract this phenomenon. Since then, nearly 1,000 students have chosen the topic.

Since 2016, university students fill out a questionnaire every hour from the material of the upcoming lesson. More than 120 questions are answered during the semester. The anonymously evaluated and aggregated results can be seen at the next events and discussed with the instructor.

Based on the feedback, most of the students are positive about getting an assessment of their preparedness. Anonymity is an important confidence factor, and aggregate presentation of the results helps to maintain interest and create a special kind of interactivity during the lessons. Based on the evaluation it became quite clear that the response is greatly influenced by the way the question is asked, the type of question, or the relationship between the solutions that can be chosen. However, the data provided, along with all of these factors, provide a number of instructive, surprising results that can greatly help to prepare students for public speaking situations.

Most of the medical students have basic deficiencies, misbeliefs, and misconceptions about public speaking. In addition to extensive information, intensive practical training is required to acquire the skill - as practiced by all practitioners at some level.