A true story from the street


"The aunt felt bad and collapsed. Her heart stopped beating."

Sounds familiar? So far, it's been just a story to me.

I was taking my daughters to a dance camp when a lady ran into the hall to ask for help to resuscitate someone in the yard. In a bit indifferent mood, but willingly I went out. I thought again of "good Hungarian pessimism" - we see the worst in everything.

No. Not today...

The aunt was lying on the ground motionless. Neither breath nor pulse.

Four of us tried to help. Two moms, who also brought their children, and the camp instructor - the dance teacher. As it turned out, one mother was a "civilian" medical doctor, the other a certified wedding organizer, the dance instructor graduated from high school in health, while I went to a resuscitation course sometime very-very long time ago.

Immediately the hierarchies and competencies were clarified. Everyone knew what is her/his job, even though we had never worked together before. After evaluating the situation, the wedding organizer rushed to the school reception to inform the ambulance and give them precise instructions where to arrive. Then she dealt with the doctor's wandering baby, who, unlike the other kids, couldn't be sent into the gym - in order not to see the event.

I still have the incredibly reassuring feeling that there was an expert and a true leader there. The one who stayed calm throughout the whole process and knew what to do. Who gave clear, understandable, executable tasks.

And we did our job. By everyone's skill and ability.

Ambulance car arrived soon. When they saw what and how we were doing, they just said: "Keep going!" This was the most we could get as a positive reflection that we do the right thing. Until then, they were able to prepare everything more calmly.

Then they continued with impressive self-confidence, eye-catching routine and proper equipment. Then the lady was brought back to life. Her color, heart rate, blood pressure returned again. After stabilization, the reanimated lady was taken to the hospital by professional lifeguards.

The dance instructor went back to teach; the wedding organizer to prepare for the next event; the doctor mom took her smaller, baby to the playground. And I was just getting to a business meeting where I had to give a presentation. Needless to say, not about reanimation ...

We did a lot for a life in those few minutes. But there was nothing more that anyone could do if it turned out to be so.

If you wish to know what to do and how at such situation, please watch the video linked bellow:



All this happened last week, at August 21., 2019. The lady is almost back in shape now and got out from Emergency Room. Wishing her all the best and full recovery!



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