Tree frog on leaf. When I came across my images, I just had to

realize, that 2016 was the first year I have not seen any European

tree frogs. I was not look after them, but somehow I met with at least

one during each year from the time I know my mind. There was a time, when I found 1-2 at each step in a forest…

There is an ongoing discussion about the crisis of frogs worldwide. However, I never thought about this cutie, as a disappearing species. Of course, this is not a study, just a personal experience, but really inconvenient.

Hope they remained hidden from my eye only!



誰でも優れたプレゼンター スピーカー の才能を秘めています。 併せ持っています ただそれを引き出す必用があるのかもしれません。極度の緊張感を押さえ 克服し 忘れられない印象的なプレゼンをする方法とは?

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