FIND BEAUTY! – anytime, anywhere

I knew, I will have a hard, disappointing day. Better to say, I felt. Therefore, I departed early in the morning with a heavy heart.

When I wanted to get into the car, I saw this endless simple, but beautiful situation:

Reflection of the terracotta-colored wall in morning lights on water drops on top of a deep blue car.

After one quick click, and I left. Feeling was confirmed, I had a day just like it was expected. However, I could look at this picture any time. It still resembles me that beauty is around us even in the most difficult situations.



誰でも優れたプレゼンター スピーカー の才能を秘めています。 併せ持っています ただそれを引き出す必用があるのかもしれません。極度の緊張感を押さえ 克服し 忘れられない印象的なプレゼンをする方法とは?

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