Zebras looking at a predator

This small group of four zebras just got frozen, whenever they recognized an adult male cheetah passing by. Even though the cheetah was not willing to hunt, zebras did not move at all, until the cheetah moved to a safety distance from them.

It all happened in Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya. We recognized the zebras at first. We tried to recognize what do they see and we could point the cheetah.

Just like humans. If someone looking at something continuously, we will try to look at the same thing. If a group of people looking to one direction, we will immediately look there too.



誰でも優れたプレゼンター スピーカー の才能を秘めています。 併せ持っています ただそれを引き出す必用があるのかもしれません。極度の緊張感を押さえ 克服し 忘れられない印象的なプレゼンをする方法とは?

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