Red poppy, Papaver rhoeas

I was in Chiaverano, Italy at Oasis Photo Contest Awards Days. I held

a presentation about photographer’s creativity and tried to impress

the audience to discover their own environment at first, instead of

traveling far away.

I really missed a proof. A picture, which supports my point. An image, which was taken there, on that day. We had a tight schedule, but I remembered a red poppy field nearby. Every participant had to pass it. I went there to take some pics. I had only 10 minutes and I was in suit. I changed my shoes only and started to shoot.

Really in the last minute, a hoverfly arrived to those flowers I was focusing. There were ten thousands of flowers around, though, it arrived there, exactly in focus…

I had my proof!

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誰でも優れたプレゼンター スピーカー の才能を秘めています。 併せ持っています ただそれを引き出す必用があるのかもしれません。極度の緊張感を押さえ 克服し 忘れられない印象的なプレゼンをする方法とは?

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