Joe Petersburger

Conservation Biologist, Wildlife Photojournalist

Welcome to Joe!

Joe Petersburger (also known as József L. Szentpéteri) is a Ph.D. biologist with a specialty in animal behavior, plant taxonomy, but most importantly: conservation. His artistic side began to spring in drawing, what he turned into photography. By realizing the impact of photography on people, Petersburger took more and more effort on pictorial documentation of nature, especially less known and endangered species, natural habitats in Eastern Europe. Petersburger is a multiple award winner photojournalist at numerous international press and wildlife photography competitions. He started to publish in National Geographic Magazine in 2003, where he has 3 feature stories published so far. His photographic and researcher work has taken him to the rainforests of Taiwan and Panama, the deserts of Egypt, the wetlands of Danube Delta, the mountains of Carpathians, Iceland and Transylvania.